Food – our natural pharmacy

To look good, you need to feel good. Good health is a combination of physical and spiritual balance. The food when varied is useful – it is our natural pharmacy. Maybe you are tired of constantly hearing to eat only fruits and vegetables or become vegans? The truth is that our food could sick and heals us at the same time. You choose how to live. If you don’t believe try stopping gluten or meat just for few days and you will see the results. What nature has given us is enough for normal development of the human nature.

Do you think that you need sugar? Nature gives you honey. Thinking that you can’t live without protein in the meat – we have it in beans, lentils, peas and even in pumpkin seeds. The beans and lentils contain iron, which is needed to transport the oxygen.

Here are the most important vitamins and products they contain:

Vitamin A – plays an important role in the immunity and vision – you will find it in milk, eggs, fish, carrots

Vitamin B6 – it is important for the hemoglobin and blood sugar – we could found it in chickpeas.

Vitamin B12 – participates in the formation of red blood cells, helps the nervous system – we will find it in seafood.

Vitamin C – it is an antioxidant and strengthens immunity – all citrus fruits and red peppers

Vitamin E – plays important role for immunity and blood clotting – tasty almonds are a good source.

Vitamin D – Reduces inflammatory processes and is responsible for bone growth – it is contained in salmon and mackerel.

Vitamin K – we need it to heal wounds – could be found in spinach.

Calcium – to have healthy bones and teeth – eat milk products.

You didn’t read any carbonated or french fries anywhere, did you? We don’t need them.

And that doesn’t mean you have to become ascetic – you can always afford a piece of chocolate, but let it be with a measure.

Rehabilitation of sports injuries

We all know that sport is vital for our health and the more one do sports, the more he or she would be able to meet what life offers in terms of his or hers health. However, almost any sport, has a very unpleasant side and it is the connected with the sport injuries. Unfortunately, we can not avoid them, but we can certainly reduce their impact on our overall lifestyle. The options for the treatment of sports injuries are several and it is mainly recommended to have medication, a long break from any exercises and properly performed injury rehabilitation.

Sure, the latest option is one of the best ways to deal with sports injuries. There are many different ways to rehabilitate your health. Most often, we can divide them into manually performed rehabilitation from a specialist, self made rehabilitation or slow moving therapy from the patient and non-invasive therapies.

In principle, for maximum results after sports injuries, it is good to combine all three types of rehabilitation procedures. If we really combine them with quality rest and taking the right medication, then our chances of fast and complete recovery are really good.

However, if we only concentrate on rehabilitation procedures and talk about the effectiveness, we will quickly find that the non-invasive therapies give best results to those who suffers from sports injuries. Such therapies, depending on the trauma and prescription of the specialists can be ultrasound, electrotherapeutic procedures, laser and magnetic therapy, short and micro wave therapy and many others.

The main advantages of this type of therapies are that the patient is most often in a very calm and maximally comfortable condition. Procedures are not accompanied by physical or stretching efforts that would be unpleasant to perform. Another major advantage of modern non-invasive appliances is their range of action. A well-equipped rehabilitation center can meet and effectively address problems associated with sports injuries of all kinds. The third major advantage from the patient’s point of view is the speed of the results achieved. Thanks to the variety of devices that help treat injuries of a different nature, medical professionals can quickly take the action they need to achieve the desired result.

The use of such tools also has an advantage for the professionals themselves. Because of the easy handling of these appliances, one specialist can work with about 10 people simultaneously. This in turn brings additional benefits to those who suffers from sports injuries because they can be treated at the most comfortable for them time.

So, when your GP asks you next time when you have an injury, do you want rehabilitation, be sure to confirm. You will not find an easier and quicker way to deal with sports injuries.